Node.js MySQL

December 29, 2018 admin 3

Node.js can be used in database applications. One of the most popular databases is MySQL. Install MySQL Driver Using npm C:UserspcDesktopnodeJsTest>npm install mysql [{“id”:1,”name”:”Dr.Chandana”},{“id”:2,”name”:”Dr.Cooray”},{“id”:3,”name”:”Prof. Cooray”},{“id”:4,”name”:”Dr.Kumari”}] […]

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Node.js Send an Email

December 29, 2018 admin 4

The Nodemailer Module The Nodemailer module makes it easy to send emails from your computer. The Nodemailer module can be  installed using npm command see […]

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Node.js Modules

December 29, 2018 admin 1

What is a Module in Node.js? A set of functions that you want to include in your application. Built-in Modules Node.js has a set of […]

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December 27, 2018 admin 6

Key Points – Node.JS Open Source Cross Platform Javascript Runtime Environment Execute in Server Side Runs on V8 Engine Written in (JS) + (C++) Version […]

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