User Interfaces-Basics of UI Design

November 6, 2018 admin 148

 All user interface elements in an Android app are built using View and ViewGroup objects. View An object that draws something on the screen that the user can interact with. ViewGroup An object that holds other View(and ViewGroup)  You can use two ways to creating Views Dynamically Add By Coding         […]

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Services in Android

October 24, 2018 admin 23

A service is a component that runs in the background to perform long-running operations To perform work for remote processes. Runs in Background (No Interfaces) Eg     public class BackgroundSoundService extends Service { private static final String TAG = null; MediaPlayer player; public IBinder onBind(Intent arg0) { return null; } […]

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Android Life cycle

October 17, 2018 admin 5

Android Life cycle onCreate() = Called when the activity is first created onStart() =Called just after it’s creation or by restart method after onStop(). Here Activity start becoming visible to user onResume() = Called when Activity is visible to user and user can interact with it onPause() =Called when Activity content is […]

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History of Android

October 17, 2018 admin 2

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