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Content Re-optimization Crawl Budget Optimization 10x Content Campaigns Featured Snippet Optimization Rank for more Long-Tail Keywords Brand & Relationship-driven Link Building Content Re-optimization The method for a content-degree optimization generally starts in developing an stock of the pages/property of a site that can incredibly effect its branding, traffic technology, hyperlink […]

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Apple keyboard shortcuts for business users

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Apple keyboard 20 shortcuts for business users Command + Tab (Apple keyboard 20 shortcuts for business users) This key combination will allow you to cycle through open applications. Start by holding down the “command” key and pressing “tab” to cycle through applications.  Each time you press tab, it will switch […]

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Android Pie

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Android Android 9 adapts to you and how you use your phone, learning your preferences as you go. Your experience gets better and better over time, and it keeps things running smoother, longer. Click HereClick HereClick Here The newest version of Android is here! Named Android Pie, and version 9.0 […]

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AsyncTask Android

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AsyncTask Android Asynctask(Asynchronous task) in android enable us to perform the task in Background thread giving us the way to separate our tedious work from UI Thread and publish our work back to UI thread after our work get completed. It has following method onPreExceute doInBackGround publishProgress onProgressUpdate onPostExceute Share on […]

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